What I do

  • Ideation and products building with experience in consumer, SaaS, and B2B. I know how to turn business requirements and ideas into a clean & simple technology components.
  • Currently thinking/working on a couple of ideas:
    • Content repurposing, i.e videos <-> blogs <-> podcasts <-> shorts/notes/tweets <-> ...
    • Functional graphs for the compute and cognitive layers.
    • UX for AI apps.
    • No-code abstractions for the creator economy.
    • Copilot for growth.
    • Copilot for insights discovery.
    • Abstraction/Automation of repetitive work.
    • MLOps, LLMOps, DataOps ...
    • Tools for reporting, data-science, and analytics.
    • Designing without being a designer.
    • Semiotics.
    • Thinking frameworks.
    • Information theory.
  • I bootstrapped and grew an open-core MLOps product:
    • I built the open-source technology: 14M+ downloads of SDKs, 25M+ downloads of Docker tools, and 4.2k+ Github stars in the OSS repos.
    • I wrote the initial blog posts, release notes, announcements content, marketing site & copy, and the technical documentation.
    • I grew a community of data-scientists and machine learning engineers to 1.5k+ members.
    • I started with a support monetization strategy and eventually built a commercial offering around the OSS platform and closed the first sales.
    • I provided the initial support for both community users and paying customers.
  • I worked in different roles that involves quantitative finance, data analytics, data-science collaboration & reporting, software engineering, deep learning, infrastructure, distributed systems, data validation, ML scheduling & orchestration, ML tracking, programmatic marketing, recommendation systems, team leading … at EIB, BNP Paribas, Seerene, Kayak, Dubsmash(acq. Reddit). I also have a long list of projects that I started and spent a significant amount of time on: Plangr, Deedel, Ilage, Open-rating for CDOs, Harvest Analytics.

What I know

  • I am a very experienced engineer with focus on machine learning, data analytics and web development.
  • I use a lot of Python. [Django, Starlette, Pandas, Tensorflow, Numpy, Scipy, Pytorch, Scikit-Learn, Statsmodels, Matplotlib, IPython, ...]
  • I am very experienced with Golang.
  • I have strong understanding of Kubernetes and built custom operators. (I built one of the first machine learning operators & controllers for distributed training on Kubernetes)
  • I built data pipelines using Spark, Dask, BigQuery, and other data processing systems.
  • I built several analytics and intelligent internal tools in my previous jobs to empower non-technical users to derive business insights from the company's data. (As a weekend hackathon in a previous job, I replaced an expensive analytics tool with an internal dashboard to allow PMs, non-tech teams, and other engineers to quickly build performance dashboards and calculate kpis, metrics, usage, funnels, retention graphs, a/b test xps, …, based on billions of events per day)
  • I am certified in Postgresql. (As a fun project I built a native Postgres extension to perform options pricing - greeks using SQL)
  • I am very knowledgeable about the current MLOps landscape and have very good understanding of the OSS tools to solve specific problems.
  • I have strong knowledge and understanding of cloud platforms, and built cloud-native abstractions for AWS, GCP, Azure, …
  • I use Javascript/Typescript for frontend development with React, a bit of Vue, and in the past Angular.
  • In the past I built a custom graphing and interactive charts library with D3.js, now I prefer integrating new products with Plotly, Bokeh, or Vega for most basic use-cases.
  • In the past I worked with C++(STL, Boost, LAPACK), Matlab, Excel(vba, DLLs), and briefly with Cobol/Pacbase.

Places where I hang out

  • Hacker news
  • Github
  • Twitter

Get In Touch

→ I post articles on my Blog from time to time about programming, math, finance, philosophy… I am not a native english speaker, so feel free to correct me!

→ Feel free to reach out about a project, a coding question, or anything else that's on your mind. Also If you have any trouble with something I posted, I'd be happy to help!