Mourad Mourafiq

About me

Starry Night

Hy! My name is Mourad, I am an engineer, startup enthusiast, philosophy and music lover, coffeeholic.. and more!

What I do

  • I am currently working on some personal project ideas involving deep learning and infrastructure, see Polyaxon
  • Previously I worked in different roles involving quantitative trading, data analytics, software engineering, team leading at EIB, BNP Paribas, Seerene, Kayak, Dubsmash. I also have a long list of projects that I started and spent a significant amount of time on: Plangr, getdeal, deedel, ilage, crunch analytics, harvest.
  • I know how to turn business requirements and ideas into a clean, simple technology components.
  • I am a very experienced engineer with focus on machine learnign, data analytics and web development.

What I know

  • I use a lot of Python. [Django, Pandas, Tensorflow, Numpy, Scipy, Scikit-Learn, Statsmodels, Matplotlib, IPython, ...]
  • In the past I worked with C++, Matlab and Excel(vba).
  • I have good knowledge working with AWS, spark, hive.
  • I use Javascript for frontend development with Angular, React and interactive charts with D3.js

I reviewed several books with packtpub

  • Python for finance.
  • Getting started with python pandas.
  • Data-oriented development with AngularJs.

Places where I hang out

  • Hacker news
  • Github
  • Stackoverflow
  • Twitter
  • Quora

Link to some toys

Get In Touch

I post articles on my Blog from time to time, about programming, math, finance, philosophy ...

I am not a native english speaker, so feel free to correct me.

Feel free to reach out about a project, a coding question, or anything else that's on your mind. Also If you have any trouble with something i posted, I'd be happy to help! Use this email to contact me.